Monday, August 11, 2008

Big Law

Saw an ad this morning for The One highlighting that McCain has gotten $2 million from the Oil industry, and that means he's "in the pocket" of "Big Oil", just like Bush.

"Big Oil" can only muster $2 million to "control" McCain? Doesn't sound too big to me.

I'm looking at the amount of money "Big Oil" gave to the top Republican candidates at OpenSecrets.Org ... and I can see that it adds up to about $2 million, as opposed to a little over a a million to the Democrats. Of course, that money doesn't affect Democrats at all, just Republicans, we are subtly instructed to believe.

But back to that $2 million.

What about "Big Law"?

Law firms and lawyers have apparently donated $42.5 million to the Obama, Clinton, and Edwards campaigns while donating donating around $13 million to McCain, Giulliani, & Romney.

Does that mean Obama is "in the pocket" of "Big Law"?

Or "Big Hollywood" who gave $4.7 million to Obama alone? $8.3 million to him and Hillary combined. 83.4% to the Democrat candidates, 16.5% to Republicans. Is Obama "in the pocket" of "Big Hollywood"? And all "Big Oil" can muster for McCain is a paltry $2 million (while giving half that amount to his opponent? )

Seems to me that "Big Oil" is pretty weak. Even "Big Education" managed to shell out $13 million to the Democrat candidates.

So knock it off on the "Big Oil" bit.

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