Thursday, August 14, 2008

Misha has a way with words

Which is why I was drawn to his often over-the-top, but typically topical, uncannily close-to-the-mark observations long ago. The Emperor himself led me to my blog-buddy-in-crime, The Blog that Nobody Reads.... but I digress.

I'd left a comment on an RCP article responding to the same type of thing Misha was reacting to earlier today (Andrew Sullivan et. al. raising the ugly "moral equivalence" stick on the US in Iraq/Afghanistan and Russia in Georgia) .... but his Imperial Highness out-did me in the wording department:
Anyway, there we were with a genocidal madman with the declared goal of starting his WMD programs back up, a psychopath who had, on numerous occasions, himself declared that he still possessed a lot of them and, just to drive the point home, had used them on his own population, not to mention that every single intelligence agency on the planet agreed that he had them. A known and self-declared supporter, financially and otherwise, of terrorism and terrorists who was so much in violation of the terms of the ceasefire agreement that he’d signed in ‘91 that he had to go back violating several of them again and again whenever he got bored, a known threat to his neighbors and the vast energy supplies that they sat upon etc. etc. We were stumped. How could we possibly come up with a casus belli there? It was hopeless.

But then PNAC and their neoconservative IllumiHalliburton evil geniuses came along and, hey presto!, we were at war.
All in all, far more entertaining. ;-)

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