Thursday, August 28, 2008

Won't You Please Give?

Morgan got a letter from the Democrats asking him for a donation. The wording had almost all of the substance of fresh cotton candy on a stick. It prompted me to write this parody.

(to be read in the gooey voice of Rev. Robert Tilton — sans flatulence. Ok, you can insert the flatulence if you feel you must.)

Wow. What an amazing movement. Movement for Change. And Hope. We’ve built up this amazing Hope and Change movement on a Hope for Change.

And we’re Hoping for a little Change from you. $5 to the Hope and Change fund would make such a difference in making the difference we are trying to make, which would be the Change you Hope for.

I Hope you’ll send us the Change so we can use that Change to Change America for the better, which is what we all Hope for.

Because the Hope for Change is the Change that we Hope for. And my friend, when that day comes when the Hope for Change Changes into our Hopes, what a Hopeful day that will be! And what a Change it will have been. For America.

We love America so much, we Hope to Change it. Change it for America. America’s Hope. For Change.

Changitty Chay-Chay-Change.

Yours in Hope and Change,

-- Dan the Democrat

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