Tuesday, August 19, 2008

He Just IS

Just overheard, in a conversation over VP picks. Really. First hand. Right here in the office. Over the cube wall. After discussing Obama's potential picks, they went on to McCain.

"Mitt Romney."

"I know him. He's evil."

"Why is he evil?"

"Because he just is. He's an evil ... Republican guy."

Really? That's the extend of the thought you put into it? He just IS???? Because he's Republican, which is obviously synonymous with 'evil'?

So Obama-boy tells office mate to look up Romney on Google. You know, to see how evil he is.

And they find:

He cut higher education funding!

He cut aid to cities and towns!

De-facto "proof" that he must be evil. Because, of course, all funding for higher education is sacred and necessary. All funding to cities and towns is justified! None of that was wasted money. None of that was unjustified. Because it just isn't.

And these people vote.

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