Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Right Answer

I heard McCain being interviewed on the radio this morning.

I think I know why Obama doesn't want to debate him. This guy's positions come from inside of him and he's comfortable talking off the cuff. I suspect Obama is script-driven, and the scripts are written to accomodate the latest polls.

That's not gonna come off too well in a debate, especially given Obama's elitist/socialist agenda.

At any rate, Beck asked McCain in closing if he'd consider Paris for Vice President.

John laughed and said she has a great sense of humor, and that he "thought it was hilarious."

If you read yesterdays' posts, you know then that John scored big points with me on that one.

Oh, speaking of that ad and it's validity, check this Pew Research Poll. Yup, 48% of America feel they're hearing too much about Barack Obama as opposed to 26% thinking they're hearing too much about McCain. That's what the commercial was about!

Next I want to see a poll to see how many of us think there's entirely too much polling going on.

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