Friday, August 22, 2008

Shoutout to the Prez

The other night while I was watching the American team in my new favorite sport -- women's beach volleyball (at least in part for obvious reasons if you've watched it and you know me at all) -- bring home the gold, I was pleasantly surprised to see Kerri Walsh use a bit of her time and celebrity to take the microphone over and give a positive "shout out" to President Bush on national TV, like a "Hi Mom", only to the President.

I had DVR'ed it so my wife could see the match, which I watched with her last night, and I took the time to make an audio recording of what was said so I could transcribe it. Hadn't gotten around to that today, but Bob Parks has done me one better -- he's got the video.

"Can I just say one thing really quick?" [pulls Misty May in with her arm around her] "Mr. President, we thank you, thank you for your inspiration, for all you do -- everyone at home, we love you...."
Misty May chimed in right after "Mr. President" shouting "This is for youuuu, we brought it hooome!!!"

Six Feet of Sunshine is right, what a cutie, and what a sweetheart! Plus I never want to play volleyball against her -- I'd look more like a target than an opponent ;-)

The match was impressive. The Chinese didn't make it easy on them. But our ladies won it in two sets.

As I said in the comments on Bob's blog, I'm one of that 30% of Americans who thinks "W" is a good guy doing a difficult job in difficult times — trying to do right by the nation in the face of the short attention spans of far too much of the easily misled electorate. I don't agree with George on everything, but he doesn't deserve the preponderance of the criticism he gets.

It's nice to know the whole country isn't crazy.

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