Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Can't Drill Our Way Out?

Never mind the fact that since Bush lifted the moratorium on off-shore drilling a few weeks ago, the price -- that according to Democrats was only going to drop by a few cents a gallon many years from now if we started actually drilling (and all he did was lift the moratorium ... there's no new drilling yet) -- anyway, the price of gasoline in my town has now dropped by 40 cents a gallon as of this morning (fro $3.99 to $3.59). Crude dropped from ~ $149 a barrell to ... what is it now, $121?

But Obama now thinks we should try to release our way out of it. He proposes we release 70 million barrels from the nation's Strategic Oil Reserves to lower prices within 2 weeks.

Of course when that 70,000,000 barrels is gone (which will take ... a few weeks) and we haven't drilled any to replace it, we still won't be able to drill our way out of it I guess. Because more oil won't help. Unless it comes from the government, of course. Not from those Evil Oil KKKorporations that, you know, actually produce the product.

And aren't those reserves for a big strategic emergency? What if one comes up during the resulting reserve deficit?

Morgan on things that make as much sense as "We Can't Drill Our Way Out Of This" (WCDOWOOT). Pretty good.

But we can't drill our way out of it. Why is anybody listening to the Democrats?

Judging by Obama's reversal of position -- maybe the Democrats have figured out that too many of us aren't if they want to win.

And they don't want anybody listening to the Republicans, on it, either. Look at this stunt.

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