Friday, August 29, 2008

On Palin

I'd checked her out several months ago when her name first came up, and I liked what I saw -- she seemed like a good pick. But I kind of gave up after a while as her name was dropped from serious discussion shortly after that.

It came up again from time to time over the months, but mostly from people calling radio shows and saying "I wish, but it's not gonna happen."

She's tough. Certainly has more executive experience than, say, Obama. She's a whistle-blower on corruption no matter what party it's in. Conservative in a somewhat libertarian sort of way. Very pro-life. Married. Several kids. Opted not to abort her son even when she knew he'd be born with Downs Syndrome.

As an aside, also Miss Wasilla, AK, 1984. And still a good-lookin' lady at 44.

There's a decent chance she'll nab the votes of a significant number of Hillary Democrats -- the ones who were for her primarily because she's a "she". Add to that that Palin's more like what we're looking for than McCain actually is, and I think we have a winner. Plus it'd be fun to poke in the eye of all the Progresso freaks who just look down at their feet and mumble when you point out that the most diverse administration in the history of the nation has been George W. Bush's....

It'd be a cool feather to add "First female vice president" to that eye-poking point. Though -- will the press fawn over her like they did the wicked witch of the west, Nancy Pelosi when she became Speaker of the House?

I don't know. I expect the press and the democrats to get ugly over her, calling her a bimbo, a beauty queen, whatever the white female equivalent to an "Uncle Tom" is, and all kinds of things since they don't agree with her positions on things. They'll tell us what she should believe as a woman and discredit her as a woman for not buying into the narrative. And did we mention she's white? (racists) Woooaaaah, that's not good. And pretty, too. (objectified) Yeah. Typical white male establishment pick, to cyically pick a token woman and she'd have to be white and attractive. They only did it because Obama's black. Did we mention they're racists? RepubloCheneyHalliburtonNeoConicalBushiltlerHateMongerRacists. Yeah.

Just wait. You won't have to wait long.

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