Wednesday, August 06, 2008


What a nation of whiners we've become.

Wait, didn't somebody get fired for saying that? (or get strongly encouraged to resign?)

Against my better judgement, I went ahead and clicked on a Maureen Dowd headline.... I know, first I visited HuffPo, and today Maureen. I shouldn't complain, it's my fault. I really need to see someone about that. One's shoes will collect the mire one walks through, no?

Well I've said it before... at least Maureen's got a cute mug shot. (see, there I go again)

So what does Maureen have to say about "McCain's Green-Eyed Monster"?, I fatally wondered.

Basically, it's another attack on the McCain campaign's attack drawing parallels between the fame of people like Paris Hilton and Barack Obama's famous fame. Really, does no one besides me see this as not only a valid comparison but an astute observation? It's an issue. Ask 10 Obama people why they're for Obama and you'll get something approaching substantive maybe from one of them.

Even back as far as Dec, 2006 Democratic New Hampshire party communications director Kathleen Strand said that Obama could sell more tickets than the Rolling Stones. In the same month, Obama himself used that term "I've become a symbol".

Paris Hilton has become a symbol. Her fame has made her bigger than she is, larger than life -- and that fame has come from excessive attention in the press. The McCain campaign is pointing out that Obama enjoys attention of that kind in a similar magnitude. They're saying -- before you vote, take a closer look at who you're voting for.

They weren't saying Obama is like Paris Hilton in any other way.

Yet this is called "childish", and even "soul-less".

Soul-less???? Isn't that a bit over the top? Really?!

Maureen also quotes a "colleague" who says that this is all because McCain is vain and jealous of Obama's youth and good looks. So that's the green-eyed monster.

Yeah, I think the spin on this ad from the Obama side is a bit desperate. It's almost like it struck a nerve.

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