Monday, August 25, 2008

On Moving to Europe

So I'm reading this article on Obama's Hillary-Supporter problem, and I see a comment
All I have to say is if McCain wins I am moving to Europe.
Yeah, I've heard that before. With Bush. And they didn't. Dammit.

See, if all these Progressives really want to live in Europe, why don't they just move there rather than try to turn America into Europe? We Americans who like America would like to keep America. So we end up voting for people who do something other than to say "I love America so much, I'm going to change it into Europe."

America is not just a geographic location, folks. Remember? America's forefathers left Europe to start something different. Something having to do with liberty and free speech and a central government with limited power. So much so that they explicitly stated that the citizenry retained the right to the means of removing said government if it got too uppity (that's the Second Amendment for those of you who live in fear of firearms).

If they'd all move to Europe, it might help with Europe's increasing demographic problems -- while leaving America to Americans. It's win-win!

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